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Venture Adventure Update

Posted by Tanya Leung on

Hello Everybody,

Wow, what a past couple of weeks! its nuts :S. Since my first post, I've registered a business name, got a business license and started a new business bank account for GetSunnies. I've made a few sales thanks to some Facebook referrals and I've received a few samples.

Starting a new venture is hard, especially when you have different components of your business you get stressed about. As I'm currently dropshipping my items, I lose a lot of control over how a customer receives their package. Questions you might worry about are: how long is the lead time?, What is the quality of the product? and would a customer be upset for paying the amount they did. Those are some of the current struggles I'm working with. The delivery time is slower than what I'd want, but more importantly the product it self appears to be lower in quality than I expect. I'm currently on hold while I seek for a new supplier, and I need to reach out to my first few customers for feedback. On top of that, its been a challenge finding a supplier that will work with me. 

Initially I had thought I've made progress with speaking to my supplier, however there was inconsistencies of what was agreed upon. I.e. they were going to print out my copy of the invoice and submit it with the package being sent. These inconsistencies of whats being agreed upon, unfortunately makes huge impacts on the experience a customer gets and it puts stress on me incase a customer gets upset. 

Without holding the inventory, you will never be sure what kind of products you'll receive. Its very important to receive samples of the product you are sending out that way there are no surprises and you can better gauge how much to charge.

I've decided to put sales on a temporary hold until I've come up with a pivot plan.

I will follow up on feedback from the few sales I've made. And perhaps discuss a bit about chargebacks, and the risks an entrepreneur might face.

I also did a few Facebook ads with just over a thousand reach and 0 conversions. Facebook advertising is extremely complex and can be overwhelming. But there are many available resources to help you out, if you can be patient and driven enough to look into it.

Stay Sunny,