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The Venture Adventure Begins

Posted by Tanya Leung on

This is the beginnings of GetSunnies Ca. A project requirement titled Venture Adventure as part of my Entrepreneurial Management program at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia.

I have a growing curiosity about Ecommerce and Entrepreneurship. My goal is to build a successful brand from little to nothing. This may indeed fail, but as the lean startup book teaches, its important to fail cheaply and learn a lot. In combination of the material I learn in my entrepreneurship course, I additionally will be researching and testing digital marketing mediums as Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Facebook Advertising, and more.

I started this blog to track my progress and share my experiences of building my so called 'sunglass empire'. I have a vision of growing this big, although some might see me as a small competitor(or not even) in a saturated industry. 

If you're reading this, you are likely not experience just like myself and that's okay! In fact, thats what I love about it. I'm modest about my capabilities and the driving force behind my attempts is the curiosity of whether or not I'm able to pull this off. 

Whether you are in high school, wanting to start a part-time business or get into it full-time. I believe that anyone can do it, but the most difficult part is starting and committing to it. I'm incredibly excited to start and share this journey with you all <3